Where All Things Will Grow (Old Wounds, #4)

N.K. Smith

Little battles have been fought, and old wounds have festered and healed.

The weight placed upon both Sophia Young and Elliott Dalton never grows lighter, but as they adapt to life, the burden becomes bearable. In the final chapter of their early and fragile relationship, they will be faced with the biggest challenge of them all—accept the love they’ve been given, or seek comfort in the cold solitary ways of their past.

Love is a lesson, but one must be open enough to learn.

When Elliott reveals more of his past and Sophie confronts more of her own, they continue on the path of joining their lives together. But where will the path lead and what will they find there? Emotionally bare and physically fatigued, they find nothing but rubble at the end of their journey. Will they accept destruction of their peace, or will they brandish the tools they’ve gathered along the way and cultivate a garden where all things will grow.

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