Pirates, Bats, and Dragons

Mike Davis

The sequel to Land of the Lost Mammoths, Pirates, Bats, and Dragons takes place on the Arab island of Socotra, a mysterious remnant of lost worlds. Its ancient people, the Badw, are renowned for their magical powers, and ships are still warned of the pirates who roam the island's waters. Intrepid science students Jack, Conor, and Julia journey to Socotra to help Dr. Hasan and the local Badw survey the island's cave fauna. Their adventure soon takes a sinister turn when a terrifying attack by carnivorous crabs forces them to seek shelter with the beautiful witch Tatra, who warns them of an approaching horror almost beyond imagination, one that involves menacing Delta Force commandos, a top-secret antiterrorist operation, and a doomsday cargo that threatens the entire world. Each member of the group faces supreme danger. They must risk their lives to save not just each other but the planet itself. Can they do it?

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