The Third Heaven

Donovan M. Neal

Long before the age of man there lived a race of beings called the Elohim: angels who worshiped and served the Creator. Chief among them was the Archangel known as Lucifer. God's perfect creation: a being who dwelled in the Creator s presence, and who walked in the midst of the Stones of Fire. He was perfect in all his ways...until iniquity was found in him. For never in all of history had Heaven known war. Never until this one angel looked upon his creator in envy and said, I will be God, and the universe would never be the same. How could Lucifer who dwelt in the very presence of God elect to rebel against his creator? What could go so horribly wrong that a 3rd of heaven would turn their backs on God? Many tales have referenced this great angelic war but few have sought to explore the dynamic relationships between God and the angelic hosts. See Lucifer and his actions in a light never before seen. Journey back to the beginning, and see the drama unfold before your eyes: as allegiances are broken, choices made, and why all of creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God. The prequel to the Bible is here!

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