The Australian Policy Handbook

Peter Bridgman

This was exactly the book I was looking to read. I'm starting a job in the Australian public service and really wanted a broad view of what the job would be about. This books gives this.

Dry, dense, and academic, it is not the easiest of reads, but I'm finding it is well written, tightly argued, and a authoritative representation of the process of policy making. Rather than get weighed down in conceptual analysis of what is policy, this book goes straight to the pragmatic concerns of understanding the policy cycle, bringing an understanding of policy, how it is important, how it can succeed or fail, through looking directly at how policies are developed within the Australian public service.

I'm fighting my way past the half way mark but I'm finding it rewarding. It has sparked interest in me in where I am heading in my work and provided me some much needed perspective on what exactly have I gotten myself in to, in the broad scheme of things.

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