Aaron Dennis

Dysart is a castrated mute with the power of Sang Daemanus, blood magic given to him by the Daemon called Salamandrus. He must wield this power to kill the very beast, which bestowed it. In order to do so, Dysart ventures to Volgunther, the island from which his forefathers hailed. On the island, Dysart meets a friendly man. This fellow sets Dysart to the east, where he can use his magic to speak and acquire information. Dysart is looking for esper plants to strengthen his magic, but several trepidations occur upon finding the town in ruins. Though Dysart meets new friends, they too, have missions. Randall, the pyromancer, is searching for a way off the island. Marcus, Captain of the Ordo et Crucis, wishes to lead those in danger to safety, yet the island is a wicked place. From the bowels of Volgunther, the Daemon, Salamandrus, calls forth evil in many forms. Aside from monsters, and lesser Daemons, is the evil practitioner of Sang Daemanus, a worshiper of Salamandrus, Tigueron. Dysart must defeat all those, who stand in his way in order to so much as even reach Salamandrus, but Daemons cannot die, and so Dysart has crafted a secret plan for victory. That plan may only work if he does not succumb to his own bloodlust.

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