Chantilly Chanel Austin

Karyn is beautiful, educated, independent, and seems to have limitless possibilities when she meets Thomas. Handsome, educated and successful, Karyn is elated to have found the man of her dreams. The two hit it off and quickly start a whirlwind romance. No sooner than she falls in love with him, she discovers that he's not the man she thought he was.
Forced to decide whether she wants to accept him as is or move on with her life, Karyn follows her heart and finds herself becoming increasingly competitive and deceitful. In her world, Thomas is the prize and she will stop at nothing to win him.

Karyn narrates throughout the novel and gives readers an insight into her world. From her loving friends who try to steer her into the right direction, her well-intended gestures wasted on a man that never deserved her heart in the first place, the conflicted mindset of a young woman anchored by love, pride and low self-esteem.

A relationship full of ups and downs, highs and lows, deceit and broken promises, Karyn has to decide if she's willing to ignore reality or accept that her relationship may be an illusion.

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