Unnatural Selection

Gord Rollo

Evolution isn't something that happened on Earth a long time ago. It's

happening all around us, today—right here, right now. Our world is in

perpetual turmoil, in a state of constant change. The famous naturalist

Charles Darwin, was well aware of this fact, suffering from horrible

nightmares of evolution going haywire, harbouring fears that some day man

might not be the superior species on this planet anymore. He would carry

these fears with him to his deathbed.

With the dawn of the new millennium upon us, Dr. Ian Darwin—the great,

great, grandson of Charles—suffers from those same dark obsessions and has

been secretly carrying on Charles work, scanning the globe for tell-tale

signs that their family's worst fears are starting to come true. Unnatural

Selection brings together the strange tales he has accumulated in his

ongoing search.

This unique anthology is unlike anything you've ever read before. No

vampires, no werewolves, no witches, goblins, or ghouls. Absolutely nothing

that has been read before. Completely brand new monsters, cloning

nightmares, newly evolved bugs, scientific labratory accidents, and other

freaky never before heard of atrocities. A stunning collection of

evolutionary horror by some of the best award winning writers in the dark

fiction business. Contributors include Steve Savile, Terry Sheils, Edo van

Belkom, Robert J. Sawyer, John Passarella, Butch Miller, J. F. Gonzalez,

Sephera Giron, John Shirley, Richard Wright, Nancy Kilpatrick, Mort Castle,

Brett A. Savory, Michael Laimo, Brian Lumley, and Brian A. Hopkins.

The world has seen enough tradition horror collections, filled with re-hashed traditional monsters. Evolution—It's time for a change.

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