Maximum Security (Cherub, #3)

Robert Muchamore

This is the best in the series I think so far, It's not as good as the Alex Rider or Jason Steed series but still plenty of action and keeps you turning the pages.
I sometimes wonder where author Robert Muchamore was going with parts of the story. For example when James was admitted to the boys Juvie detention center, they not only strip searched him they also checked under his foreskin! I was like Whoa! did he really write that? Was that necessary? So okay we now know James Adams is uncut, Well he is a Brit so he would but is that needed in a boys books aimed at ages 11-14? Their was a few things that surprised me about it, the languages is harsh sometimes and the boys aged 14 seemed to be a little advanced sexually for their age. Or if not we are not like that here in the US.

I will read the next story, book 2 was called 'Class A and that was all about drugs and even had some of the CHERUB teens trying the stuff, Ages 10-16. I would recommend for boys 15 and older only.

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