Wanda B. Campbell

I was interested in reading this book because it deals with a really edgy subject matter that most authors are scared to talk about, but is actually a huge epidemic in our culture and our church. Pornography is a scary subject because it rips marriages apart but is hidden in shame and guilt. Consequently most people that are addicted to pornography never deal with their addiction and are never able to walk in freedom. Wanda Campbell approaches this subject with honesty and frankness as we meet Bryce and Denise who have been married for a few years now and Denise becomes abruptly aware of her husband's addiction to pornography. She is devasted and is ready to divorce him because in her eyes he has been committing adultry. Of course the fact that he is the pastor of their church could turn out to be a tragedy for the church... or will it?

Excellently done this book could be a wonderful tool for those who are addicted or living with those addicted and could lead to freedom for many people!

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