Jase and Carly (Men of Steel, #1.5)

M.J. Fields

If you’ve read Jase you MUST Read Jase and Carly: Summer Lovin’. It’s a great read and gives you more of these two together now that they finally have their crap together and are together and engaged.

I loved the bickering between these two and their relationship, especially when Jase found out about the balls that Carly had. I was laughing so hard, he had no clue what to do, but knew it made him mad. Their fights become huge, and some end up with them all over each other, but it shows real relationships and that’s why I love this story. Everyone fights with their significant other and sometimes it’s about the most stupid things, but it happens, and I believe MJ Fields did a great job of showing this.

Even though it was a very short read, I felt that we got a lot more insight into these two and loved how the story ended. Jase is so worried that he’s whipped, but he’s not, he’s just found someone worth all the things he never did before (flowers, dates, emotions, etc.). The ending of this book was amazing and I am so happy to see they got even more of a HEA than they did in Jase.

We also got to meet Tara who we meet in Cyrus, and get some more of her story. I was one of those that read this one AFTER reading Cyrus so it was cool to go back and see how these two really met.

I really like this series and can’t wait to continue reading the rest of these books. MJ Fields has a way of making you fall in love with these “Bad boys” and the girls they fall for. Her writing is amazing, in a novel, or in this case a novella, and will have you always wanting more of her characters!

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