Jan Wahl

Grade/interest level: K-2nd
Reading level: 720L (4th)
Genre: Folklore

Main Characters: old man, old man's dogs, a creature
Setting: Big woods of Tennessee, one room cabin
POV: narrator

This story is about an old man living in a cabin with his dogs in the Tennessee woods.One dark night the old man comes across a creature with a long tail in his cabin. The old man quickly grabs a cutting tool and chops off the tail of the creature before it has time to escape. The old man immediately cooks and eats the tail of the creature. For the next several nights the man is haunted by the sound of the creature "Tailypo, Tailypo. All I want is my Tailypo."At first the dogs are able to chase off the tailless creature.One night the creature evades the dogs and is face to face with the terrified old man.In the end, the creature gets his tail back.

Classroom Use:
This story can be used used for dual purposes.I remember as a young student my teacher read my class this story as both a ghost story to scare us, and to teach us a lesson about talking things that belong to others.

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