The Choc Lit Love Match Selection

Jane Lovering

Really cute short stories written by talented authors. Some amused me more than others, but they were all quite good. One was a WWII setting with a blind man. One was a high school reunion with a twist of school bullying and I was surprised and confused by this one a bit. One was a culinary chef. My favorite had to be this one in which this guy delivers a cake to his girlfriend, not knowing she's not there anymore. The cake ends up in the hands of someone else...and I was sitting there wondering if the lady would find him to tell him in time...and rooting for them both. Another story with a Vicar made me laugh. Witty and sarcastic. Cute. My only complaint is the recipes were in grams and stuff. I think it would have been nice to have an Americanized versions for those across the pond.

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