From Babylon to Timbuktu

Rudolph R. Windsor

If you are one who is interested in cultural issues, historic issues, or have a deep sense of intuition this book is for you! Babylon to Timbuktu contains a vast wealth of historic knowledge that is very valuable particularly to persons of color.However, this also makes for a no-so easy read, as much of the information is confusing unless you have prior knowledge or studies in history.For the novice reader, this book will take time to reader with a thorough overview and research of the material provided.IT IS NOT A PAGE TURNER. While I found the book very useful, I also found it kind of difficult to read and keep up with the thoughts/info the writer provided.This difficulty may be a turn off for some, but if you have the interest and patience to read you will enjoy this book.

Because this book was not an easy read, and the thoughts of the writer did not always flow- I gave this book 3 starts. In terms of quality though, this book is a five star read!

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