One Thing That Can Save Us

Barry Silesky

"Every season infects by surprise, and suddenly we're there."from "Our Party"

I've read this collection of pieces—-straddling the lines of prose-poem and short-short story—-twice in the past two years.Like any rereading that's worth the time and effort, the second go-'round felt entirely fresh.Silesky's pieces are fluid, suiting the dominant themes of time and timelessness.

If I were younger and dumber, as I naturally used to be, I would have thoughtlessly compared these pieces to paintings, a lazy, common thing to do amongst readers of poetry.Older and degrees less dumb, I see them clearly as short films, viewed in motion.

What Silesky shoots are compositions of life, shelter, corporeality, sex, parenting, marriage, memory and myriad images taken from modern life both rural and urban.They're appreciations of and testaments to all we take for granted until we stumble into relishing the past in all its minutiae.

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