Survive Information Overload

Kathryn Alesandrini

Every year in the United States, over a ton of office paper is generated for every manager in the workforce. Meetings, which already take up nearly half of a manager's day, are proliferating in response to the push for cross-functional teamwork. The number of electronic mail messages is predicted to top the 60 billion mark by the year 2000. How can you survive the onslaught and find the information you need to be productive? SURVIVE Information Overload gives you a step-by-step action plan to survive the information age and still have time to effectively manage people, increase productivity, and best serve customers. If you're overwhelmed by the glut of memos, messages, and research cluttering your desk, you can better manage your workload by "seeing the big picture "- and Alesandrini shows you how! SURVIVE is an acronym that gives you the seven ways to manage your workload in the information age without resorting to outdated time management practices. You'll find how to: synthesize details; underscore priorities; reduce paperwork; view the big picture; illuminate meeting issues; visualize new concepts; extract the essence. Alesandrini shows you how to use innovative techniques, such as priority mapping, context analysis, visual organization, and the use of a Master Control System to manage details by seeing the big picture and to eliminate wasted time. She includes a comprehensive list of services, tapes, technology, and office products so you can manage information effectively. You'll discover time-saving ideas to find needed information with less reading, prevent paper buildup, make meetings more effective, capture ideas, and organize thoughts. SURVIVE Information Overload is the perfect prescription for combatting the onslaught of information in the '90s and beyond!

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