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Disclaimer: This is an adaptation of a movie.This is for middle level readers – chapters and no pictures.I saw part of the movie and didn’t like it.The book was a gift.My comments about the plot are not reflective of the author who doesn’t even get listed in my edition.She had to work with the plot from the movie.This review is more of a criticism of the plot/movie plot than Duey's writing.

Spirit is the story of a stallion in the Old West and his adventures as he gets captured by white men.First, let me say, in terms of mechanics of writing the book is good.It is more than competent, and there is some humor.

It’s the plot I have issue with.First, I know this is a children’s book, but really, having Spirit become leader of the herd he was born into is highly unlikely and is so gender based I don’t know where to start (Gender based in the sense that Spirit acts like both the stallion and the lead mare, as well as why does it have to be about male horse to begin with?).But that is not my main problem.And let’s be fair, it is a children’s book and not ever horse book is going to be like Henry or Farley.Honestly, look at the Lion King.If we went all technical there, Simba and Nayla are half siblings who end up as a couple.So, I’ll admit I’m being hyper critical with this point.

My main problem is the heavy handed symbolic crap.

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