Sports Taping Basics Pal Video Package

Human Kinetics

Watching the Sports Taping Basics videos is like having a master taping technician conducting a workshop just for you. The videos provide a simple, straightforward tutorial on how to use tape both to help prevent injuries and to rehabilitate injured athletes.

Taping experts David Perrin and Melinda Flegel first demonstrate 15 specific techniques by showing the entire, uninterrupted process of taping the body part. Then they retape in order to highlight important aspects step-by-step, such as crimping the tape to prevent irritation, applying individual strips rather than a continuous wrap to prevent bulking, and using hip spica to prevent slippage. They also address special considerations, such as tearing tape and tape removal. The viewer then has a chance to pause the video action and practice the specific technique.

Sports Taping Basics is a two-video set. The Lower Body video demonstrates nine recommended taping procedures for common injuries to the lower extremities, including sites on the ankle, toe, arch, knee, hip, and hamstring. Upper Body covers six procedures for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, thumb, and finger.

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