Healthy Without Health Insurance

Matthew Edlund

Health care is America's Titanic, heading for the ice floes while our policy makers re-embroider the deck chairs. There's no choice - we have to protect ourselves. We have to get as healthy as we can as quickly as we can. Fortunately for us, most of our bodies are rebuilt from the ground up in three to four weeks. That gives us a fantastic opportunity to remake and regenerate ourselves - the way we want.

How do you do it is surprisingly straightforward - by using the body the way it's built. The program is simple, easy, and cheap. It's accomplished by ordering the basic activities of life - how you socialize, move, eat, and rest. According to the CIA America ranks 50th in the world in life expectancy. Yet the longest lived subpopulations in the world live in the U.S. If we know what to do, we can do it here.

And people know real health is a lot more than the impoverished medical model of "absence of disease." Real health is physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing. With a mostly new body inside three to four weeks, there's an incredible amount we can do to regenerate ourselves. We just need to do what we evolved to do - following our body's own blueprint, and using our own fantastic, internal technology.
Still, nobody lives forever. Somewhere along the way everybody gets sick. But you want to postpone that day as long as you can while living life to the full. Using your body's regenerative potential is a simple, clear way to do that.

And when sickness does strike, you need pointers on how to deal with the increasingly impossible American health care "system." Knowing what you need - and how to negotiate and navigate - is crucial. You want to get that crazy system to work for you - rather than get worked over by the system.

Regeneration is key. It's how we survive and thrive. We need to use it effectively in our lives - and the lives of our friends, family, and communities.

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