John Rhodes

French billionaire Jean Luc Lafarge has conquered the world of business; now he is determined to conquer the world of international power politics. His goal is nothing less than the restoration of France to its former glory as a world power—at the expense of the United States. Assisted by the merciless soldier-of-fortune Paul Rennard, Lafarge sets out to isolate and humiliate America using a campaign of shocking terrorism, massive economic subversion, and manipulation of public opinion on a global scale. His plots range across five continents. He ensnares the French president in his schemes, hijacks the diplomatic process to solve the problem of disarming North Korea, and undermines the United States in the UN.

Three intelligence operatives form an unlikely alliance to foil Lafarge's schemes: Maria, the beautiful CIA agent; Moshe, the brilliant Israeli Mossad spy; and Daniel, the French expert on international financial crimes.

A global summit meeting is scheduled which will shift the balance of world power away from the United States. As America suffers crushing blow after blow, the three spies race to uncover the plot—but will they be on time?

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