Where the Rivers Flow North

Howard Frank Mosher

Remember the Saturday Night Live skit "Who's More Grizzled?" with Robert Duvall playing a former sharecropper from Mississippi and Tate Mitchum who worked on an off shore oil rig until he broke his back? Well those guys were soft c*cks compared to Mosher's main character Noel Lord, old time Vermont mountain logger/moonshiner.

While Ken Kesey created a similar story in SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION with his Stamper family, you get the feeling Kesey did it all for effect. But somehow, you know Howard Frank Mosher *knows* these backwoods guys who still trade furs for coffee, sugar, and tobacco on their twice yearly ride into town. Not only does he *know* them, he's probably one of the few townies these old f*cks will bother passing a word with on the street. So maybe, as a person, I'm not nearly grizzled enough for a crotchety hook handed log driver to bother with. But as a reader, I can be part of his world for a day or two. I can marvel at the simplicity, the brutality, and the forgotten and probably wasted woodsman code of honor for enough pages to wish for a different sort of life.

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