How to Format a Kindle Book on a Mac with iWork Pages

Gary Jennings

If you want to publish your Kindle book using only your Mac, quickly, simply, accurately, then this book is for you.

It gives you all the settings, all the formatting, font sizes, layout, creating a linked table of fact all the information you need so you are ready to publish you Kindle book instantly.

Unlike any other books available today, Format a Kindle Book on a Mac means:
- You DO NOT need to use Microsoft Word...thank goodness !
- You DO NOT have to learn HTML or CSS...who wants to anyway !
- You DO NOT need to download any other your Mac isn't at risk !

For a Kindle book to be successful, it has to not only look good but look professional and WORK ! Follow this formula and it will.

The problem most Mac users face is this:
ALL of the information out there,
ALL of the Kindle books that talk about publishing a Kindle book using a Mac All the info written by Amazon
tell you to use Microsoft Word, or learn HTML or CSS, or download other software from the internet.

This means going to the risk or expense of downloading new software on your Mac, learning new packages or even having to understand HTML or CSS.

NONE of the information shows how to format a Kindle Book using your Mac and iWork Pages !
Until NOW...this book does exactly what it says.

How to Format a Kindle Book on a Mac is your complete guide to formatting your Kindle ebook:

You will learn:
- The font to use, the sizes, line spacings...everything about how to set a layout that works,
- How to easily set up Styles so with just one simple click you can automatically set the formatting of sections and headings in seconds,
- How to position your chapters so they start on a new page and flow correctly,
- How to add images to your book and most importantly how to Centralize them so they look great on the Kindle display,
- All the steps to quickly creating a Linked Table of Contents that works,
- How to avoid using table and reformatting table to look good,
- How to create a list of bullet points with the correct spacing,
- How to take a screenshot on a Mac
- Using iPhoto to edit and add an image to your Kindle ebook,
- The tools you can use to review your book and know it looks great before you publish your book.
...PLUS lots, lots more.

This book includes loads of pictures giving an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to every part of formatting your Kindle book quickly and easily.

It is to the point (it doesn't go off sideways like Glen Stanford does in his book How I Wrote 2 eBooks in 21 Days...which is great by the way).

How to format a Kindle book on your Mac gives you EVERYTHING you need to know to format and publish a Kindle book on a Mac using iWork Pages.

Your BIG question is this:
How do I know this works?

Simple answer - it is tried and tested:
I have published a few Kindle books and only used my Mac. This book is EXACTLY how I do it.

This is my formula for formatting all of my published Kindle book on a Mac using iWork Pages:
I do not download any extra software
I do not learn and use HTML or CSS
I do not spend any money on new software I didn’t really need

What I have said is what I do, this way I know it works.
In reality, I can format a book for Kindle in less than 59 minutes using this formula.

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Download How to Format a Kindle Book on a Mac with iWork Pages (epub)

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