The Tales of Big and Little - Part Two

Josh Kilen

For Ages 6 to Adult. No illustrations or frills, just pure, awesome story! Your kids will love you for it!

About The Tales of Big and Little - Part Two: Revenge of Shirlee...
Where did the evil cat Shirlee go? He's back and this time he's not messing around. Raising a new army of unforgettable enemies, he'll stop at nothing to destroy Big and Little, and take over the Worlds. As brave Big and wise Little travel through the Land to foil his plans, they see old friends, meet new allies, and uncover an age old secret that could change everything!

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About "Tell Me A Story" Bedtime Stories...

Deep down every kid loves bedtime stories, but sometimes at the end of the day you just don't have the energy. That's where the Tell Me A Story series of books can help. Each nightly episode takes 5-10 minutes to read out loud and ends in a gripping cliffhanger. Imagine your child hanging on your every word and captivating them every night with an easy to tell bedtime story. These stories are not only exciting for them but they are fun for you to read as well.

For less time than it takes to watch the start of a sit-com, you can spend
quality time with your kids and make memories they will never forget.

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