Looking for Cassandra Jane (Second Chances, #1)

Melody Carlson

I can't read another page of this. It's been weeks. I'm done. No book has been this hopeless for me. I just can't.

————*Actual Review*————

Okay, where to start?

I think one of the reasons this book was so hard to read was that it was so generic and repetitive. I mean, how many times can we go through Cassandra's father beating her and going to jail?

Also, Cassandra is a 1980's version of Jane Doe. It seems like all of Melody Carlson's main characters are the same - just with a different name and backstory.

I also didn't understand why she kept telling everyone-and I mean everyone!-her life story if she was embarrassed about it.

Random Guy: Hi, I'm-
Cass: Did you know my dad's in prison?
RG: Oh...That's-
Cass: Also this guy wants to have sex with me.
RG: I should probably-
Cass: My grandma died.
Everyone: *runs away*

The biggest reason I didn't like this book was that it seemed like Carlson dumped every bad thing that could happen to someone into one book to make it ~inspirational~. It was just a try-too-hard novel.

At least I'm putting it aside for something else.

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