Career Reboot

John Lees

"How does anyone make sense of work and career choice in times as tough as this?" This book encourages you to break out of a rut and start to make things happen in your career. Packed with practical tips for rejuvenating your career, this book is a must for anyone striking out into a difficult job market after redundancy or simply looking for new opportunities in tough times.

This book is designed to help you get out of a hole if you're career-panicked, especially if you're coping with redundancy. Section 1 - Taking Stock checks your thinking before you throw yourself into job search mode. Section 2 - Planning Your Strategy gives you insights into the way the market works and the way recruiters and employers react to the different behaviours adopted by job seekers. Section 3 - Your Message To The Marketplace provides a series of checklists to show you how to sell yourself on paper, including the reason why so many CVs and cover letters fail, and Section 4 - Interview Secrets reveals how to make an impact in the final stages of the selection process. Finally Section 5 - Looking Forward provides some longer-term career strategies.

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