What's He Really Thinking?

Paula Rinehart

A woman's guide into a man's heart and mind offering invaluable insights, understanding, and the tools for building healthier relationships.

Even in the best of relationships, over time, men and women drift apart because of the communication gaps they naturally possess. In "What's He Really Thinking?," author and speaker Paula Rinehart gives incredible insight into these differences. In her conversational, almost poetic style, Rinehart unlocks some of the age-old mysteries of the male mind-set.

With more than twenty years of counseling experience, Rinehart sheds a realistic light on:

"how" men think "why" they do what they do "what" they struggle with
She believes women who truly understand men have an ability to make an extraordinary impact on their lives. From scientific research to practical real-life stories, Rinehart removes the guess work and shows women how to become the relational geniuses they have always longed to be.

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