T.R. Fehrenbach

In the beginning before any people, was the land: an immense region 265,000 square miles in area rising out of the warm muck of the green Gulf of Mexico, running for countless leagues of rich coastal prairies, forests, and savannahs; reaching out hugely 770 miles from boundary south to north and east to west, to enclose a series of magnificent, rising limestone plateaus, ending in the thin, hot air of blue-shadowed mountains.

That, of course, is a word picture. But it has done more than that; it has also captured the vibrant, colorful, ever-changing civilization men have impressed upon the land, from sprawling cities to lonely tractors carving furrows across the western plain. The photographers reveal Texas in a way it has never been revealed before.

No matter how familiar the viewer may be with the state of Texas, how much of it he may have visited, ridden or walked over, or even flown over, in this book are scenes he will never have seen. This is an eagle's eye view of Texas, and it shows the state as no other method or literature can, visually or viscerally.

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