Stepbrother Rules

Chloe Hawk

Introducing STEPBROTHER RULES, book one of the dark and sexy new adult romance series, HIS TWISTED GAME, by Chloe Hawk…

Dark secrets and a complicated past spin together to create a tangled web of attraction that’s impossible to resist…


He looked at me, and in that moment, I remembered why I hated him.

He was devastatingly gorgeous. Dark hair. Ripped body. Piercing blue eyes that contrasted perfectly with his dark complexion. He had a smoldering gaze that made everyone around him fall in love with him.

My friends used to joke that if Cole looked at you, you’d have your panties off by the end of the night. And it was true. He’d slept with most of my friends, and any other hot girl he happened to want.

It had been infuriating when we were younger. He’d had things handed to him because he was beautiful and smart and good at sports. No one at school had cared about the fact that he was poor or that he lived in Culver City, which everyone knew was full of drugs and prostitution.

I hated him because he was everything I wasn’t. He was outgoing, I was shy. He was smart, I made mediocre grades. He was special, I wasn’t. But the biggest reason I hated him was because he left us. He left me.


I should have left. I should have turned around and walked out of there and never came back.

But I didn’t.

Stop, I told myself. That’s your stepsister. She’s off limits.

But nothing was off limits.

I had money, good looks, and power.

And those things made it easy to get whatever you wanted.

I should have walked away.

But I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I wanted her.

And I always got what I wanted.

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