The Caring Professor

Daniel de Roulet

The Directors of the Student Caring Project bring 50 years of combined classroom experience to offer new and experienced teachers ways to thrive in today’s college classroom. Pecoraro and de Roulet focus on understanding the needs and challenges of today’s students, tested methods of successful teaching and class triage, and trends in education. The goal of the book is a rewarding, effective and rigorous teaching experience.

The first section of the book, Teaching 101, looks at the basics of student-professor interactions. Topics include student disconnection from education, student expectations of college, academic preparedness, financial realities, teaching in a culture of negotiation, establishing boundaries, and connecting with students to improve learning.

Teaching 102 discusses putting together and nurturing successful courses based on a foundation of care for your students’ academic growth and well-being. Subjects include setting and reinforcing tone and course goals, effective recordkeeping, course design built on learning goals, recognizing the signs and changing the direction of a course that has gone off track, and ending a class well.

Teaching 103 presents advanced strategies and background for addressing trends and difficult situations in education today, and for helping students succeed. Topics include building classes that encourage critical thinking and introduce students to the expectations of college academic life, the stages of student academic development, caring for students in on-line settings, strategies for addressing difficult student encounters, and introducing students to vocations and the practical aspects of entering the work force, internships and apprenticeships, and graduate work.

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