The Christian Collection

Steve Stephens

From the compilers of the popular Lists to Live By series come 200 powerful lists by some of the industry's top Christian speakers and authors, including Chuck Colson, Joseph Stowell, Max Lucado, Pat Robertson, Shirley Dobson, Henry Blackaby, Dennis Rainey, Bill Gothard, Rick Warren, John MacArthur, Chuck Swindoll, and Bruce Wilkinson.
The lists are divided into twelve easy-to-reference sections, with topics like virtue, prayer, faith, Christian marriage, God's wisdom, worship, fellowship/community, heaven, and family. Full of humor, insight, and practical advice, these lists will deepen faith, strengthen relationships, nurture hope, and build character.
The Power to Inspire
Life-giving truth is all around us, but who can remember it all? We've made it easy by gathering the most essential information into 200 powerful lists. Whether you need a spiritual lift, a moment's encouragement, a deeper appreciation for worship, or wisdom for a key decision—it's all here.
As you read through these priceless insights from respected Christian authors, linger over your favorite lists and savor the profound wisdom. "Lists To Live By "will deepen your faith, strengthen relationships, nurture hope, build character, and ultimately enrich your life.
Story Behind the Book
Every day you are bombarded with mountains of information, but how do you sort out what's best? How do you remember it? How do you bring order to the chaos? We've made it easy by condensing some of the most valuable ideas into 200 bite-sized gems. The "Oregonian" newspaper ( Portland, OR ) calls list-o-mania the hottest, coolest, most sensational trend in pop culture. The bestselling Lists to Live By series is on top of that wave. In all of our books, we have intentionally avoided lists about the trivial...and instead focused on what "really "matters. In "The Christian Collection" we've searched the world (well, almost) for the most powerful and inspirational lists on prayer, faith, hope, heaven, love, family, worship, wisdom, and comfort. Like a compass, this collection will keep your life headed in the right direction. As with all the books in the series, these are not lists to do, but lists to "become." "From the Trade Paperback edition."

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