P.K. Hallinan

It is a good book because it has short sentences and it is also a rhyming book. So it’s fairly easy for children to read. This book illustrates great character development for children. Apart from it being a friendship book it also shows children being kind and caring to one another. And as the title says the children can leave heartprints wherever they go. The book is full of color so it grabs people’s attention especially young children. This book would fall under the non-fiction category because it talks about young children caring and being kind to one another. The book illustrates different scenarios on how a child can leave heartprints in the world. Mainly they all have people helping one another or lending a helping hand to those who need it. The illustrations are sharp and clear for the children to see. I feel that when kids read this book it will make them want to leave heartprints in the world.

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