Gate to Nowhere

Leanna Sain

Who knew that some gates could lead to the past? Emma Franklin discovers a gate on Golden Apple Farm that leads to the town of Nowhere—in 1827. And once the past is altered the rules of the game are different, and time is as easy to change as one step through the "Gate to Nowhere."

Gate to Nowhere is a creative story, with interesting twists and details. Above all it is a sweet yet quite different love story that has some endearing characters, like Gavin with his cute Scottish accent and his kind housekeeper, Grace. But there are also some rather nasty characters out to seek revenge.

I was surprised by the heroine. Sometimes her snarky thoughts and attitudes were funny, but sometimes they were a bit much for me, which kept me from fully sympathizing with her. I enjoyed her interactions with the hero for the most part, but I didn't always like how she treated others.

Also, I felt that the conversion scene was a bit abrupt, and while God was mentioned throughout the story, genuine belief wasn't really woven throughout the story so much as "peppered" here and there.

Overall, though, this was an interesting story with some unique elements that intrigued me (such as the gate and the history behind it—literally!). If you enjoy historical romance and are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary love story, you might want to take the Gate to Nowhere!

*With thanks to author Leanna Sain for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion.*

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