Gangsta Luv


Gangsta Luv by Jazmyne was a very good book.I enjoyed the development of the characters and I loved the story line. I wish the author would have taken more time on the editing portion of the book because it made it really difficult for the book to flow how it should have.I really thought that there was just too many sex scenes that really made me skip over those pages, because there are only so many ways that you can explain someone running up into them guts lol!!! Another thing that annoyed me about Cherry and Nae was they were petty and over emotional, like are they supposed to be street chicks or are they really not about that life? I mean if you really down for your man you not going to keep threatening to leave him and then come back and then leave again and all that crying ish, needs to be out that door. Truly though, I am #TeamKash and #TeamJacques although I didn't agree with how long it took them to kill off Ox, G, and One....LOL! <3

Overall, the book was very good, the story line was great and it had an happy ending!

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