Devil Take Me

Anna J. Evans

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Or is that wicked seductions?

Annie Theophilus is used to life not going her way, but now the future is looking bright. She's engaged and finally getting her happily-ever-after, until she catches her fiance cheating. The garage seems to be the safest place for a well-deserved crying jag. Instead, it proves to be a portal from hell, out of which a sexy denizen of the underworld has just emerged.

Namtar, one-time death-bringer to mortals, has come through an Earth portal for one thing, power. If he can convince a human to willingly sacrifice mortality for eternity in the Underworld, he will gain the power he needs to get the queen off her throne and secure a future for his people.

But Annie's seduction doesn't go as smoothly as planned. Somehow she steals a piece of his heart, and he finds himself struggling with a depth of feeling he's never known. Now, thanks to his own hesitation, they're on the run from a murderous ex-fiance and a few enraged demons.

How can he ask her to give him her soul, when all he can offer her is pain.

Warning: This book contains sex in a garage, sex on the run, and shades of BDSM experimentation between willing partners as well as graphic depictions of an insane demon queen punishing her male and female lovers with stuff that put the ick in icky,I mean kinky.

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