Forgiveness and Second Chances (My Best Friend, #4)


Do you believe in Second Chances? Can you forgive the one you love?

This is a story of forgiveness and second chances. In this journey you’ll see as Jeremy and Malanie rebuild their friendship, trust and love they once felt for each other as kids, blossom into something magical as adults.

Malanie was Jeremy Wood’s high-school sweetheart. He adored her and would do anything for her, but everything changed the moment he overheard another guy talking about her, and on that night he betrayed the only girl he ever loved.

Malanie Johnson, came from a broken and abusive home. Jeremy became her saving grace, the only person she trusted, up until that night. She never thought the boy she loved would hurt her in such a way. He was the only person to keep her grounded, but once he betrayed her trust, she had no one and nowhere to run to. So, she made the only decision she could at the time.

A turn of events pulled them away from each other, and it was a turn of events that brought them back together again. Ten years later they’re reunited. Can ten years of pain, suffering and lost be forgiven? Will their past and present keep them apart?

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