Told in Twelve Words

Stephen Lee

You find yourself suddenly awake in the blackness of a very dark room, no idea where you are or how you got there. Other than your own shallow breathing, there's no other sound to be heard. And yet ... you sense that you're not alone. More than anything you wish to turn on the light, but there is no light. Wait... what is that in your lap? A camera? It has a flash on it ... that much you remember. Something is moving, slithering in the dark. Over there. You hold out the camera, trigger the shutter, and for one fraction of a second the explosion of light rips the darkness away. And then, slammed into darkness again, the image burnt into your brain glows and you've seen know what waits. Think of each very brief story in this book as that flash of revelation, that single frame of a movie. Time stands still as the flash fades .... as you stare at those twelve words....but is it the end of a story, or a beginning? Each page holds an entirely new story, but asks the same question.

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