Ernest Crosby

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Of remorse, and dishonour, and shame, In the wake of his name. Ogre dread ! Send him and his slavery back to the dead ! The Stoker NOW and then a stoker, come up to breathe between decks, glances under the canvas awning at us as we yawn over our novels in the long row of steamer-chairs aligned on the leeward side of the upper deck. I wonder what he thinks when he sees us. Kind, good stoker, why do you not come and sit in my chair and make me stoke in your stead for a while ? How good God is to give us first cabin passages through life ! And how nice of people to make ships for us and provide us with a good table d'-hote and comfortable beds and everything ready just when it is wanted. And how fortunate for us it is that the world's hold is full of stokers who ask no questions and have no sense of humour ! The Escutcheon POUNCE on the innocent, Powers-that-be ! Live up to your coats-of-arms— Vulture or beast of prey— Whatever is cruel and harms, And loves to torture and slay— Your symbol and brand. Though the soft lie drop from your lips, on your shields we see The lust of your heart's desire as it guides your hand. But the brutes are brave and will fight With the best of their breed ; While ye, ye nations, have goodly heed To cringe to the men of might And harry the weak. All your courage of old— All the strength that ye used to wreak— Ye have lost in your search of the ends of the earth for gold. But now that ye are combined In imperial sway, Let your holy alliance find An escutcheon new that will fit this ultimate Makers of money and empire, why not assume The good old Medici arms of the Golden Balls ? Dig them reverently up from the tomb, And hang their eloquent sign from your outer walls. Leave their sins to ...

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