Hangman's Root (China Bayles, #3)

Susan Wittig Albert

I vaguely remember reading the first two books in the China Bayles series and enjoying them okay.Maybe I can chalk my dislike of this book up to reading the others when I was just out of high school, and that my tastes have changed.I could not finish the book and it's not because there was any problem with the way the murder mystery was set up.My issue was with the writing style and the amount of over-description in each scene.

Sometimes, a lot of description is a good thing.The example that comes to mind is du Maurier's Rebecca.Lots of description, but it paints the lush scene of life at Manderlay.In this book, it's not that there's a lot of description but that every single action is described.China walking back and forth across her shop, the state of specific plants in her garden, the back and forth on wanting to move in with her lover.None of this furthers the plot and read a lot like filler, which for me, is not fun to read and can become tedious.If you like the China Bayles series and enjoy a lot of description, then you will probably enjoy this book but it was unfortunately not for me.

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