The Ancient Ireland Guide

Robert Emmet Meagher

PERSONAL, HUMOROUS, ENGAGING, SCHOLARLY, AND MINUTELY PRACTICAL. A splendid guidebook to Irelands spectacular antiquitiesits passage tombs, ring forts, castles, Neolithic settlements, and monastic sites. With its witty and erudite explorations of Irish mythology, history, literature, archaeology, and architecture, this travel book makes for an excellent companion on a journey to Ireland that is also a journey back in time. Along with fascinating overviews of prehistoric, Celtic, early Christian, and early medieval times, Meagher and Neave give the traveler concrete help in finding the most stunning sites that preserve and breathe that history today (some are surprisingly unknown). After the days exploring is done, readers can consult the same volume to find where to stay and eat or entertaining bed-time reading in the authors lore about these ancient sites.

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