Excavations at the Mineral Springs Site

Charles F. Bohannon

Excavations at the Mineral Springs Site by Charles F. Bohannon provides basic description and analysis of fieldwork carried out in 1962 under the Inter-Agency Archeological Salvage Program as part of the Millwood Reservoir project. This highly complex site contained a preceramic component, followed by a long Caddoan occupation, with two flat-topped platform mounds, a conical mound, a ridge-topped mound, and at least six low dome-shaped mounds, plus cemetery areas and structural remains. Bohannon investigated only Mounds 6 and 8, but he incorporated information from Mark R. Harrington's 1917 explorations of the site, and discoveries by subsequent archeologists, into his report. At its peak, the Mineral Springs site was a major Caddoan ceremonial center related
to Haley phase settlements in the Great Bend of Red River.

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