The Natural World Close-Up

Giles Sparrow

"A unique view of the natural world in stunning close-up. "

"The Natural World Close-up" is an incredible journey through the wondrous diversity, complexity and majesty of the natural world as seen through the glass of a super-magnifying lens. More than 300 extraordinary close-up photographs reveal the intimate details of nature's most remarkable creations. These are the closest views that technology will allow.

Spectacular high-magnification images zoom in on the most amazing details of plants, animals and natural features of our planet. Like a moving zoom lens, the subject is viewed closer and closer until it no longer resembles the familiar subject first shown.

Concise, informative text accompanies the book's photographs. Leafy sea dragons, poison arrow frogs, leaf stomata, fern spores, quartz crystals, metamorphic rocks, glacier ice, rainbows — the world will never again appear the same.

Ideal for all nature lovers, conservationists, wildlife watchers and zoologists, this stunning visual reference is perfect for revealing the beauty and diversity of the natural world.

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