Andrea's Demon (Night Dreams #2)

A. Lopez Jr.

The haunting novella series continues, with Episode Two answering more questions about Andrea’s nightmares and the demon that haunts her. Joseph’s gift is severely tested by the demon out to crossover into the real world and take his wife’s soul. Joseph battles his own demons as his wife, marriage, and life are all put in jeopardy.
Dream Psychologist, Dr. Joseph Rickettes, has no choice but to live out the nightmares of his patients in hopes of curing them of their demons. He is bound by the demons in their dreams, while he struggles to make sense of the nightmares that plague his own life. In Episode One, “The Beginning” tells the story of how it all started for Joseph, and how he came to possess his power, or curse, to delve into and live out, the nightmares of others.

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