Aufgaben zur Allgemeinen und Anorganischen Chemie. Mit Lösungen.

Gerd Meyer

Professor Dr. Gerd Meyer, Chemistry, Universität Köln, is the recipient of the 14th Frank H. Spedding
Award for Outstanding Contributions to Science and Technology of the Rare Earths.
Prof. Dr. Gerd Meyer has made outstanding contributions to the solid state chemistry of felements
for more than 30 years and has substantially influenced and impacted this research area.
After completion of his doctoral work with Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hoppe at the Justus-Liebig-
Universität Gießen on solid state transition metal compounds in 1972, he choose the solid state
chemistry of f-elements for his own independent work. He worked as a postdoc in 1980 with
Prof. J. D. Corbett at Iowa State University and in 1982 he completed his Habilitation on the
“Synthesis and Crystal Chemistry of Complex Halides of f-elements.” From 1977-1988 he
served as Akademischer Rat at the Justus-Liebig-Universität in Gießen. In 1988 he moved to a
full professor position at the Leibniz-Universität Hannover (after having turned down an offer
from the University of Groningen, NL). Since 1996 he has held the chair for solid state and
coordination chemistry at the Universität Köln. He has received numerous awards, where in the
context of f-element chemistry, the Terrae Rarae Award in 2005 is the most noteworthy.
Prof. Meyer’s research interests include synthesis, structures, and properties of solids and
coordination compounds of rare-earth and transition metals. He has published more than 550
papers and edited a number of books.

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