Working Man's Jesus

Roger Lee

Great inspirational reading for men and women dealing with real life issues every day.

No fear? No anxiety? No heartache? No way! George Roger Lee is well aware that these are part of life—even for believers in Jesus Christ. In the author’s no-nonsense manner Lee invites readers to grab a coffee and look at biblical characters as they are, real men who faced real challenges.

Take Job, for instance. Family—wiped out. Health and vitality—gone. Friends, if you can call them that—spewing excessive, unhelpful advice.

And how about Samson? The guy who could have taken on any heavyweight champ and beaten him without breaking a sweat reduced to a weak, blind captive.

What about Saul of Tarsus? Well educated. Devote. Murderer.

Yet, God comes on the scene and restores and blesses Job beyond measure; empowers Samson for one last feat of superhuman strength; knocks Saul down to raise him up as Paul the Apostle, whose influence changes lives to this day.

Lee acknowledges that the challenges of life can be overwhelming. He knows firsthand what it’s like to live from paycheck to paycheck. He has seen what recession does to business. And, even now, he feels the pain of lost loved ones.

Life in the postmodern world isn’t easy. Lee acknowledges there are times life feels like hanging onto that two ton rodeo bull, trying to endure those eight eternal seconds or hitting the wall of the marathon called Life.

But even the strongest gale force winds aren’t an excuse for giving up. Readers are challenged to learn from God’s Word, wear out the knees of their blue jeans in prayer, and call on the Lord to provide the strength to win the race.

Readers are reminded they aren’t alone. Jesus does, indeed, love the working man.

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