Shining Forth (Miracles of Marble Cove, #8)

Anne Marie Rodgers

Beverly’s long commute to Augusta is growing tiresome- and dangerous! A mysterious flash from Orlean Point Light saves her life, but the near-miss spurs her to think seriously about a new career and the possibility of a relationship with the handsome Jeff Mackenzie. Meanwhile, Shelley is laid up when Aiden accidentally knocks her down- a challenge for a woman with two kids and a baking business. Margaret is thrilled to attend a lecture from an artist whose work has influenced her own, but she is shocked to discover the woman has lost her creative spark and enthusiasm. Can Margaret find a way to encourage this talented but depressed painter? And when rumors emerge that a developer wants to tear down Orlean Point Light, Diane decides it is time to protect the beloved lighthouse by registering it as a historic landmark. As the four friends learn more about the lighthouse’s fascinating history, a new mystery begins unfolding in the form of a church founded in Marble Cove’s earliest days. Could another miraculous journey of friendship and faith await them?

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