Ticket for Terror

Christopher Parks

To find out where and when the winning pick six lottery ticket was sold is easy, you could obtain that information within minutes of the drawing.All you need now is the surveillance video from the retailer who sold it and you could identify the winner, and rip him off.This is the scheme in which a homegrown terrorist cell is planning to finance their latest attack on America.

Owen Duffy, a mechanic and cab driver from the Bronx, accidently finds himself right in the middle of their scheme.When Duffy stops on the road to help out a stranded motorist, he is ambushed by Middle Eastern men who kidnap the owner of the car.He flees the scene with the man’s daughter, Regan, in tow.Together they attempt to uncover the reason for the kidnapping while trying to stay alive in the process.

The kidnappers make contact and Duffy learns that they're after a winning lottery ticket.They offer a trade; the ticket for the life of Regan’s father.The problem is, Regan has no idea where the ticket is or if her father even won.

Duffy and Regan are taken off the street by members of Homeland Security who inform them an undercover agent is currently working inside the homegrown terrorist cell which has abducted Regan's father.Events spiral out of control when they plan to set a trap for the terrorists which backfires, resulting in Duffy and Regan being taken hostage.Their only hope is the undercover agent.But who is he?And what happened to the lottery ticket?

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