The Gift of Alzheimer's

Maggie LA Tourelle

The Gift of Alzheimer s is a ground breaking story that brings insight and understanding to Alzheimer s and shines a positive light on this devastating disease. Maggie La Tourelle, a psychotherapist and healer, documents her evolving relationship with her mother who has Alzheimer s, interprets what she is saying and gives a deeply moving account of their journey together. This multidimensional story has all the characteristics of an exciting novel with Maggie La Tourelle as the storyteller. Set in provincial Scotland, it exposes the constraining and unjust social mores of the time. You are drawn into the drama of the family that results from this, and journey with them in their quest for resolution. At a practical level the book informs the reader about the vicissitudes of Alzheimer s, what to do and how to do it. It emphasises the importance of connecting with an open heart and seeking meaning in the midst of confusion with an open mind. At an emotional level it demonstrates the healing power of love and that it is never too late to seek redemption and heal the past. At a soul and spiritual level it is an example of conscious dying, something largely lost in our modern day, Western society. It includes numerous unsolicited examples of ESP, describes the intricate process of dying and reveals many mysteries from beyond the veil. Viewing what happened on this journey in the light of research in the field, Maggie La Tourelle draws certain conclusions and offers a new programme to help others coping with Alzheimer s. She marvels at the extraordinary transformation that took place in all the members of her family and considers how, what she has learned from this life-changing journey might be of value to us all in our lives now.

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