From Boredom to Bliss

Gustave Ridley

This book is a nonbook. Rather than assume the obvious, act as if it were an exotic piece of nature that has just floated on shore your desert island. Take it up with a blank mind and you will be taking a first step towards changing the level of your ordinary existence. It’s all and everything and you’re the explorer of the fragmented i’s that haunt your inner landscape. Your guide is a Gurdjieffian adept who speaks from his essence, ‘no teacher i’. Manuscript and author are intimately laced together in a set of internal relationships with life that produce unintended consequences, the unexpected turns of thoughts and feelings. No follower of a mechanical method of awakening, Gustave Ridley is an eighty-year-old master of instant theatre punctuating reality with short verbal blasts that sweep away the frozen postures of a lifetime.

Gustave Ridley was a Gurdjieff master and Professor Jean Campbell was one of his students in a group called the Harmonious Circle. Through mental exercises, poetry, improv theater, and oil painting they worked together in Venice Beach, California in the 1980’s to free the mind from the sleep state and to discover true consciousness in the moment. This book is a collection of the work and wisdom of this group and a guide to a new objectivity.

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