Watersmeet (Fours Crossing, #2)

Nancy Garden

I held on to my copy of Fours Crossing, a Scholastic Paperback, for many years, because though the story was slight— to my mind— I periodically found myself going back to re-read it. This sequel has the same draw for me, though I just read it— it's patently absurd and poorly put together on the face of it, and yet is has a reading pleasure to it, a sort of magical realism.
After the snows that locked Fours Crossing in for so long melted, there was, as you would expect, a flood. A strange woman turns up in the scramble to evacuate and she ends up having some connection to the hermit who kidnapped Melissa and Jed, calling them by the names of a long-dead pair. Rhiannon, as she calls herself, seems to be the opposite of the hermit, but there grows some suspicion of her in the village, especially during and after the hermit's trial. But Rhiannon says that there is a more important problem going on; how can Melissa find out what's afoot and do something about it?

I have to say that the more recent (2010's) teen fantasy I read with a plot of a mystery and a mysterious pagan heritage doesn't stand a chance compared to this.

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