Devoted to the Service of the Temple

Hercules Collins

Devoted to the Service of the Temple is an excellent little work that brings together some extracts from the writings of Hercules Collins.Hercules Collins(1646/7-1702) was a well respected and greatly used Particular Baptist minister who was also one of the signers of the Second London Baptist Confession of 1677/89.
The first part of the book is a brief biography of Collins collected from what is avaialable on him.After that there follows 35 chapters that are extracts from his works.Chapter 1,18-19, & 34 are taken from a catechism Collins wrote that was a revision of the Heidleburg Catechism.Chapters 2-6 are taken from A Voice From The Prison which Collins wrote while incarcerated in Newgate Prison.Chpters 7-9 are taken from Counsel For The Living.Ten through fourteen are extracts from A Mountain of Brass which Collins wrote concerning the decrees of God.Chapter 15-17 are from A Scribe Instructed Unto The Kingdom Of Heaven. Chapters 20-32 take up the bulk of the book and are taken from Collins most important work, The Temple Repaired, a book Collins wrote dealing with the call and vocation of ministers. Chapter 33 & 35 are taken from two separate, lesser known works.Included as an appendix is Collin's funeral sermon preached by John Piggott.
Overall, this is a work that is well written with extensive footnotes for further reference and adds to the ongoing recovery of the writings of our Particular Baptist forefathers.

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