The Listening Walk

Paul Showers

A book about listening.A young girl takes a walk with her father and their pet dog, as they walk through various parts of a town she describes all the different noises that she can hear.

I like this book although I feel it is a little long and features some Americanisms that may grate a little e.g. sneakers instead of trainers and jet instead of aeroplane (when I read this book to a nursery class I changed the words accordingly).It covers a wide array of sounds one might hear, from footsteps to bees buzzing and the children love joining in with the noises.It could lead to taking groups of children out on listening walks with clipboards to record what they can hear.I also tied this in with road safety and the importance of listening out for cars as it was clear from a school trip that a lot of the children needed to learn road safety.

So not perfect but the idea carries the book through and it is easily adaptable.You could use it in Year 1 at a push but I would say it is better suited to Nursery and Reception aged children.

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